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Update 4

Planned Re-opening of 4th July

Having given details that access to the pub grounds will be controlled via means of a booking system and physical manned entrances we wanted to reassure everyone about the steps we will be taking once inside the area with regards hygiene control:

Each manned entrance point will have a hand sanitising station and EVERYONE will be required to use this before being permitted onto site.

We have hired an additional toilet facility which will be located in our car park, this will have hand sanitising units installed as well as the usual hot water and soap facility. The toilets in the family garden will also have this facility.

The serving staff will have hand sanitising units located within their working areas..

Serving staff will be wearing facemasks when bringing food and drink to your tables. Where possible the staff will be working with the same small group of people on their respective shifts

Every table will be cleaned and sanitised after every booking

( we have allowed a 30 minute period for staff to be able to do this after each sitting)

Within each customer area there will be a "help yourself " facility to use sanitiser spray and paper towels if they wish to do anything additional themselves.

All crockery, Cutlery and glassware is pre washed and then washed AGAIN at high temperature in commercial dishwashers/glasswashers using industry recommended detergent. and we would remind everyone that we are currently the holders of a 5 STAR HYGEINE CERTIFICATE.

Single use/Disposable cutlery will be available for those who prefer.

Customers will have individual condiments in sachets and all cutlery and napkins will be served in a single use container to the table.

Menus will be on line to view at the table but for those who don't have access to the internet they will be able to use a laminated menu which will be sanitised each time before re-use .

Happy to answer any questions or concerns anyone has. thankyou for reading.

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