General Enquiries

Plugging phones in?

Due to our limited power supply to the property we do ask all customers not to plug in laptops or phones into any of the outlets. This is currently an ongoing issue and until this have been rectified this will be the case.

Are highchairs allowed in the bar or outside areas?

We only allow highchairs to be used in the dining room, these are pre-booked and we only have limited supply. The reason we do not allow highchairs in the bar areas or outside as we are unable to control risks in these areas, eg, dogs in the bar area may jump up.

Are we dog friendly?

We are dog friendly in our bar area or any of the outside areas, we only ask that ayour dog is kept on a lead, and not kept at table level or on the furniture.

Do we show sports?

We only have access to terristial television.

Different menus in different areas?

We have seperate menus avaiable in different areas to allow our chefs to cope with the demand. We have achieved this is by adding a new garden kitchen to our family garden, this is where we will plate food for the family garden. The garden kitchen is liited in its facitlities and so we can only accomodate for family garden.

Are children welcome?

Of course, we welcome families with well-behaved children! We do ask that the children are accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 21 and that they vacate the bar area by 7.00 p.m.

Can we leave our car overnight in your carpark?

No we do not allow cars or camper vans to stay overnight in our car park facilities, there are spaces along the lane to the pub which may be suitable.

What are our opening times?

Please view them here.

Yoello Ordering

My card details are not being accepted?

Yoello only supports Mastercard & Visa currently, if you do not have a card to add you are able to pay using cards stored in your phone, for information to set this up please view these articles. Google Pay Apple Pay

How do i know if a transaction has gone through?

You can view order status if you click on the three lines and select order history.

I can't find what I'm looking for?

There is a search option in the menu bar you can view this here. Greyhound Whippet

Why do i have to use an app to order?

We only have limieted staff resources and are unable to offer manual orders for everyone, it realy helps us out if you continue to use the table ordering app, we will later on in the year be offering 2 order points for customers who don't wish to continue to order via the app. The order points will be available from June 21st, one will be in the side garden and one will be in the family garden, these will be signposted for guests.

Marquee & Events

What functions do you have coming up?

A Calendar of events can be found on our facebook page, alternativelty you can find them on our calendar here.

Can we hire the marquee?

If your interested in booking an event with us, please use this form to complete and one of the management will get back in touch. Please note that we are no longer taking bookings for large marquee in the family garden.


Time restrictions on table bookings?

We currently allocate 2 hours on each table, if we can allow for more time on the table we will do our best to do so, please be advised that you should placed your order within 15 minutes of your arrival time.

Do you offer accommodation?

Unfortunately we do not offer any accomodaton, there is some local hotels withing 20 minute walking distance.

How do we make a table booking?

You can book online here, we may at times be able to take phone bookings but currently we are unable to offer this facility.

Food service areas & limitations?

Each service area had a limited space for guests, once we have reached our capacity we sometimes have to pause food service. We have a different menu avaialbe in the family garden which is served from the garden kitchen, we have done this to allow us to accomodate more guests but we do have to offer different menu's in different areas.

Our card capture procedure.

We will be moving away from taking a deposit and to a card capture feature, what this will mean is that when you make your booking you will provide card details so in the event of you not turning up or cancelling your booking will take a no show/late cancellation charge of £5 per guest that you book for to this card.

Can I book a table for just drinks?

No all drink tables are available on a walk up basis, we are only taking reservations for guests to dine with us.

When will you be serving breakfast?

We will be gradually moving to our normal food service times and menus in the coming months, please check our facebook page for updates on this.

Thank you we will get back to you as soon as we can.